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The Partnership and Collaboration Between NEMA Organization and Western Utilities

There has been a collaboration that happened between 80 utility companies located in Western United States and Electric Utility Service Equipment Requirements Committee (EUSERC). The latter organization was established in year 1983 as a result of merger of two different bodies located in Southern and Northern California. The organization is still active since the 1940’s. the 14 western states is composed of different utility members that represents EUSERC. The NEMA West Coast Field Representative and an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) representative are required to attend to the meetings held for them to always upheld each organization’s best interest. Both these organizations are currently part of the EUSERC.

The goals of the EUSERC is to have the inclusion and development of the constant safety standards that should be implemented within the manufacturers and installers of different service equipment and metering equipment. With this in mind, every year EUSERC publishes a journal that constitutes the Electric Service Requirements (ESR) Manual that helps these companies to have effective drawings and design criteria that is suitable in designing and development of residential & commercial or industrial service equipment.

The members of the EUSERC are utilizing the EUSERC ESR Manual as the main faoundation for their own ESRs design and the revisions that are needed to be done are heavily based on the requirements as stated on the manual. Any differences made apart from this manual should be explicitly indicated within the Acceptability Pages so that the makers or manufacturers would be quick to identify in advance and be able to modify their manufacturing capabilities and products to cope with the required equipment for a certain utility. The recent changes to the ESR contains new images and drawings for the energy storage, electric vehicle service equipment installations and solar photovoltaics.

The NEMA has cooperated with EUSERC and the organizations that came before them for several years now. The member groups from NEMA organization (established in 1960s) has already changed into one core group. They are now called Western Electrical and Energy Regulations Advisory Committee (WEERAC). This body is composed of different representatives across 7 NEMA member companies that makes the service equipment.

The WEERAC is considered to be a subcommittee of the NEMA Codes and Standards Committee that held their annual meeting in line with the meeting done by EUSERC. The different concerns of this body covers the 14 Western States that EUSERC has dominion over.

The partnership within the years between EUSERC and NEMA proves to be of great benefit for the companies involved in this organization. The makers of these utility equipment was able to provide good input about the development of different service equipment standards. Now, the company of these utility equipment conducted a forum to give valuable feedback to the different manufacturers in the field of utility in terms of installation issues.

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