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What are the Different Server Rack Accessories Available in the Market?

There are different rack server accessories available in the market today. There is one commonly used accessory – cage nuts. These are utilized on server rack with the square mounting holes. The very efficient accessory can allow any engineer to change the threads intermittently while never having some incurring stripped tapped holes on the server rack. The Cage nuts can come in multiple and various of sizes and types. However, it is important to note that there are three most commonly used types, these are: 10-32 Cage nuts, 12-24 Cage nuts, and as an M6 Cage nut.

The utilization of the cage nuts is heavily dependent on what type of the equipment you are mounting the cage nut on. The engineer should be careful in selecting the most specific type of cage nut to be able to effectively match the equipment the company is using. The only disadvantage to using cage nuts is that an engineer can have a difficulty of installing it and removing them.

The main difference between filler panel and blanking panel:

These two accessories only have different names but they mean the same thing. The filler panels are considered the flat sheets of metal that can fill the empty U space existing in between the spaces of the server rack. These accessory panels are very important because they contribute to the efficiency of the airflow management that can prevent in the exhaustion of air, thus it keeps it from warming the cooler air. This efficient process can be a very effective way to cool down the rack very effectively. The filler, as well as the blanking panels are considered to be one of the most cost effective ways to bring down the energy costs.

“U” Space or Rack Unit

The single rack unit or the “U” space is almost equal to 1,750 inches. It is also equal to 44.45 millimeters worth of space. The “U” space should include the three holes that will be used for mounting the accessory hardware on your server rack. When an engineer decides which server racks the company would need, most of the engineers will consider the number of “U” spaces initially before doing a research on which server racks to buy.

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