What is the Main Difference Between Using 2D and 3D Electronics Enclosure Drawings

My boyfriend and I had dinner at an Italian restaurant. I was totally dumbfounded with the several options that they offer for cuisines and wines. But on a positive note, options are a good thing usually so that we are sure what we really want because we were able to compare things right? There are several options and software programs created for viewing, creating, and manipulating some of the engineering drawings for example. Let us see the differences between 2D and 3D drawings.

We start with the 2 dimensional drawings.

There are several people who believes that the 3D drawing should be the very prominent choice if people are comparing what’s better between 2D and 3D drawing. However, there is a more valid argument why design engineers should keep 2D drawings in the engineer design field. There are roughly ¾ of design engineers that utilizes 2D drawings for their daily design workflows.

Aside form the widely popular and the pre-established notion for 3D drawings, 2D drawings enable the creation of blueprint to be created. The enclosure foot print, the board layout including the PCB dimensions can be primarily determined just by using the 2D drawing. The schematic drawing of the engineer project can be electronically installed just by using the schematic and specifications of the location.

For example, if a customer is looking to mounting and installing an enclosure inside the internal wiring of his/her walls, the design engineer can use the 2D drawing to be able to effectively identify the needed space for the efficient blue print of the enclosure. There is a simpler method to do a hand-sketch up to to-scale drawing.

If the available space for the product is 3” x 4” and the product that you are looking to be mounted or installed in the location is a 3” x 3.75”, just a hand sketch of the given dimensions can efficiently tell you where to do the exact placement of the needed space to make the product fit inside. I know that this is a very simple explanation, but as a design engineer you can easily see when working with very small dimensions that they can use and utilize the simple 2D drawing. And this also comes in handy.

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