Stainless steel nema 4x enclosure

Stainless steel nema 4x enclosure

NEMA 4 vs NEMA 4X Enclosure (2)

In addition to this, not only NEMA 4 has these features but also its subset rating the NEMA 4X. It also provides a wide array of protection like NEMA 4, but moreover provides protection for electrical equipment from corrosion inducing foreign materials such as rainwater and hazardous liquids. NEMA 4X electrical enclosures are made from stainless steel and aluminum and these enclosures qualify for a corrosion-proof standard for the said electrical enclosure. To further explain the difference of NEMA4X to NEMA4, let us discuss the requirements for the former.

NEMA 4 & 4X Major Applications

Stainless steel nema 4x enclosure
Stainless steel Nema 4x enclosure
  1. Protection from moisture

Type 4 enclosures are required to be watertight to prevent water ingress. To measure the effectiveness of this feature, the enclosure must exclude a minimum of 65 GPM of water shot from a 1-inch nozzle coming from a distance of a minimum of 10 feet or above for at least 5 minutes of water exposure. At this rate of moisture protection, typically these types of enclosures are protected from the ingress of rainwater, ice formation caused by snows, water splashes, sleet, and any other hose-directed water. Type 4 enclosures are designed not to be damaged because of any external ice formation on the enclosure – thus provides perfect protection from electrical equipment.

  1. Protection for Personnel using the enclosure

Enclosures do give protection for personnel using the equipment or enclosures from hazardous parts of the electrical equipment housed within the enclosure.

  1. Solid foreign objects

NEMA type 4 enclosures provide protection for the electrical equipment from foreign substances that may affect or damage the equipment. This includes but not limited to falling dirt, windblown dust, or lint. Even though all the electrical enclosures are designed to protect the equipment from foreign objects and substances, the type 4 NEMA enclosures are the lowest-rated standard for the dust-proof enclosure.

  1. Tight Gasket Sealing

NEMA 4 enclosures are using gaskets which are shaped like pieces for the rubber to seal the curvature between two surfaces, and a clamp door. These features assure the greatest protection and sealing for electrical equipment.

  1. Suitable for any Indoor and Outdoor Applications

These enclosures are typically used for indoor and outdoor applications because of the level of moisture protection they give for the equipment. These applications are usually employed with wet, moisture-inducing outdoor applications. To further explain the point, these enclosures are typically used on ship dock, food manufacturing plants like dairy, brewery, and water-treatment plants.

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