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The Most Common Applications for NEMA 4X Electrical Boxes

NEMA 4X electrical enclosures are very famous for its design because it gives good protection for the equipment from any damaging effect of harmful environment. This can fall into but not limited to – dirt, rain, ice formation and corrosion formation. They are the best choice when protecting equipment installed in locations where there are harmful elements present like corrosive agents, washdowns and even heavy-weathering.

There many engineering applications that would most probably require the utilization of NEMA 4X electronics enclosure. In this article, we will discuss the key places where NEMA 4X electrical box is most commonly used.

Outdoor Locations w/ Harmful Elements

NEMA 4X electronics enclosure is primarily designed to withstand harmful weather and is very ideal for outdoor use. In this type of application, it is usually hot and dusty. There are also possible wind abrasion, damp locations because of too much rainfall, cold environments that has sleet and ice storms. With this in mind, from the very dry west coast to humid places, you can normall see NEMA 4X being used.

Washdown Areas

NEMA 4X is one of the most ideal electronics enclosure for any equipment that is being exposed to very frequent washdowns with water or even chemical mixtures or solutions. You can usually find these type of boxes being utilized in company facilities such as processing plants, manufacturing plants, car washes or any places where there is a high-pressure cleaning equipment being used.

Environments Where Corrosion is Prevalent

There are certain types of engineering applications where corrosive agents are most prevalent. Companies opt for NEMA 4X enclosures because it will be able to give good protection for electrical equipment from any potential contamination or damage. There are company locations that are more prone to corrosion formation such as water treatment facilities or marine offshore environments. In the later, the equipment can be exposed to salt water and other foreign substances that can cause corrosion – thus NEMA 4X utilization is very ideal.

What is NEMA 4X Made Of?

Carefully determining or identifying whether your equipment will be potentially exposed to said environments will require the use of NEMA 4X electronics enclosure is just one part of the solution. You also need to have a thorough understanding of what material to use for this type or NEMA enclosure. As a user, you have wide variety of materials you can choose from. There are stainless steel, polycarbonate, and aluminum. You can explore different materials available from various suppliers. You just need to do your research meticulously.

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