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Why Fiberglass Can Strengthen a Polycarbonate NEMA Enclosure?

One of the most common questions people ask the enclosure manufacturing companies is that what is the best material for a NEMA or IP rated enclosure? Of course, companies can offer a wide variety of materials such as including steel, stainless steel, abs plastic, polycarbonate, fiberglass and die cast aluminum. However, there is this one specific material that will bring the best in your NEMA enclosure.

Over the last few years, there are companies that created a good combination of polycarbonate and fiber glass in manufacturing electrical boxes. It has become very popular in several industries because of very good reasons. This steel combination gives the customers several and good advantages over the polycarbonate and traditional fiberglass materials alone. The combination is best used for utilizing the electronic enclosures.

The combination of fibgerglass materials is usually stronger compared to its polycarbonate counterpart, however because of the characteristic of the glass fibers it can easily crack because of a massive impact. On the contrary, polycarbonate is much more likely to crack. Just by adding a small amount of fiber glass unto the polycarbonate material, the electrical box started to have a significant strength and also, it is crack resistant. This makes the product very useful in a factory/industrial setting or any other environment where the electrical enclosure is most likely to receive impact because of the existence of other materials or equipment.

On the other side of things, the polycarbonate material tends to have the possibility of shrinkage when it is removed from its molds. The shrinkage tends to vary because of wide variety of reasons that often results to minor dimensional variation.  This type of variation is greatly important when an engineer is trilling slots or holes in the electrical box. Some just slight inconsistencies can greatly impact the electrical boxes’ ability to have a properly located internal equipment or whatever is being used to be mounted in these holes.

Just by adding the 10% fiber glass in the polycarbonate material, the resulting product can still positively maintain the integrity of some of its dimensions when looked upon the removal of the molds that can greatly reduce the challenges that comes with the installation of the electronics enclosure.

In addition to this, the material has a very strong UV protection and it can greatly benefit the electrical enclosure. This feature can be greatly modified without being too concerned about the fiber glass component of the material. In summary, these two are a perfect combination because it gives the enclosure the added consistency and strength without having the usual damage concerns.

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